The Course of Nature, Amy and Bob Pollack (Available on Amazon, Link Inside)

After two years of art and writing by Amy and I, our book “The Course of Nature: Natural Selection and Its Consequences” is now available on Amazon!

>>Click here for the Amazon webpage<<

Humanity is a part of Nature, yet every thinking person at one time or another asks herself or himself, “How did we get here?  What makes me different from the rest of Nature?”  In The Course of Nature an artist and a scientist ask those questions with full respect for all contexts, both scientific and not.  Amy Pollack’s figures stand on their own as elegant summaries of one or another aspect of Nature and our place in it.  Robert Pollack’s one-page essays for each illustration lay out the underlying scientific issues along with the overarching moral context for these issues. Together the authors have created a door into Nature for the non-scientist, and a door into the separate question of what is right, for both the scientist and the rest of us.

The Course of Nature by Amy Pollack and Bob Pollack



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